Klinger Warba Gasket Manufacturing Co.

Klinger Warba Gasket Manufacturing Company is a state of the art, ISO 9001 certified facility in Subhan, Kuwait, which manufactures all types of Soft Cut, Spiral Wound, Heat Exchanger, and Cam-profile gaskets for the Oil, Petrochemical, and Power Generation. Under license of Klinger Ltd., and wholly owned by Warba, the company commenced manufacturing in 1997 combining over one (100) years of innovation and gasket production experience with local knowledge and marketing experience. As the only manufacturer of gaskets in Kuwait, Klinger Warba has long term contracts with all the major industries in the country.

Long Term Supply Contracts:

  1. Kuwait National Petroleum Company
  2. Kuwait Oil Company
  3. Equate Petrochemical Company
  4. Petrochemical Industries Company